We are trusted by several leading financial institutions to provide legal representation and advice on a wide range of issues affecting their business. From commercial transactions to loans and financing, we are constantly leveraging on our understanding of the banking industry regulations and institutional framework to provide sound legal advice to our clients. We also […]

Employment and Labour

With a significant number of cases at the National Industrial Court, we have developed unique expertise in employment and labor matters. We guide our clients to develop comprehensive employment policies, in line with global best practices and standards, while also providing quality representation in court to seek redress in employment related matters.

Corporate and Commercial Law

We provide advice on a wide range of commercial transactions and negotiations. We help our clients navigate key issues of investment, finance, due diligence, corporate restructuring, regulations, labor and insurance.Guided by an understanding of the Nigerian business and investment climate, our team oversees vital negotiations to deliver on agreements that provide long term benefits and […]

Real Estate & Property Management

We have exceptional insight into the Nigerian real estate sector and we are able to provide legal advice on conveyance, transfer and all other transactions in the sector. From the perfection of the title at the Ministry of Lands to land documentation, government permits, the perfection of mortgages and deeds of assignment, we competently walk […]

Alternative Dispute Resolution

We understand that commercial necessity has placed a premium on the swift resolution of disputes through alternative dispute resolution mechanisms like arbitration, mediation and conciliation. We actively utilize these ADR mechanisms, particularly arbitration and mediation, where they best suit our clients’ interests and our lawyers are very skilled in the arts of negotiation, arbitration, mediation […]


Litigation forms the core of our practice at F.O.A. Solicitors. We are passionate about canvassing legal issues and providing innovative solutions for our clients, ensuring that the outcomes of the matters we handle satisfy them. We believe that advocacy is at the heart of the practice of law and the composition of our team reflects […]